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BelleMa Plethora Double Electric Breast Pump with Tote Bag and Cooler Pack (Bundle Pack)


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  • BelleMa Plethora Double/Single Electric Breast Pump
  • BelleMa Plethora Double Electric Breast Pump with Tote Bag and Cooler Pack (Bundle Pack)
  • Highly Efficient and Powerful: BelleMa Plethora is a double Electric Breast pump with 9 adjustable suction levels and dual phase mode: Stimulation and Expression.
  • Superior Design: LCD curved screen, Petite and Dainty Portable Design. Noise level is less than 60dB, it will Not disturb Baby, Family or colleagues. Small and portable. Perfect for the office, home and travel.
  • Safe and Comfort: Highly safe Closed System personal use breast pump with anti-block flow to avoid contamination.
  • 3 Power Supply Modes: BelleMa Breast Pump can be used with AC Adapter(included), 4-AA batteries (not included) Original USB cable (included).

  • Highly Safe Closed System personal use breast pump
  • Petite and Dainty Portable Design
  • Designed for milk not to enter the tubes and the motor to avoid contamination
  • Powers up to 250mmHg on single pumping, 220 mmHg for double pumping
  • Comes with 9 adjustable vacuum levels
  • Dual Phase Mode of Stimulation and Expression
  • Stimulation Mode designed to enhance a mother’s milk ejection reflex
  • 3D Collection Kit that closely imitates the pulling, squeezing and suckling motion of an infant
  • With built-in Battery Box for Alkaline Batteries  (batteries not included)
  • Touch Screen Technology
  • Memory Feature that memorizes favorite settings
  • Anti-Backflow Flange Design
  • Liquid Silicone Breast Flange Design
  • Quiet System, Light and Portable
  • Comes with a bottle adaptor that will fit standard size bottles of other popular brands
  • Easy to assemble and easy to wash
  • FDA Approved and BPA-Free
Customer Reviews
  1. Horrible Pump and Even Worse Customer Service

    I've been using my pump twice a day for barely 3 months and, not only do I need to replace the flanges AGAIN, but I need to replace the whole shield set because it doesn't create a correct seal. It makes this horrible sound where the air leaks. I've gone from pumping 8oz per session to only 6oz. Plus, it looks like the shield set only comes with 25mm flanges and I need the smaller ones. I think I have to buy those separate, but I don't know because some Miles person won't email me back. Apparently, the parts are under warranty for 3 months, but I've been trying to get this figured out for almost 2 weeks. I need to be able to feed my kid.

    Reviewed by Elizabeth Merlo on Sept. 18, 2020, 7:46 p.m. | Permalink