Bellema Mango Plus Single Electric Breast Pump

Maximize Efficiency with the Bellema Mango Plus Single Electric Breast Pump with LCD. This Model is a Closed System with Anti-Backflow design that prevents contamination. Highly effective with 9 adjustable levels of suction power up to 240mmHg. This model can also be powered by batteries. Bellema Mango Plus comes with complete pumping accessories.

  • High-Efficiency Diaphragm Single Pump
  • Lightweight, safe and easy to carry
  • Dual Phase Pumping Modes: Stimulation and Expression
  • Anti-Backflow design Flange to prevent milk backflow
  • Closed System that prevents milk entering the motor
  • Removable Soft Silicon Cushions that gently massages and delivers comfortable pumping
  • Compatible with Phillips Avent or Dr. Brown’s standard bottles using the included converter
  • 9 adjustable suction levels up to 240mmHg.
  • Memory function to remember your preferred settings
  • With LCD Screen Display
  • Can be powered by 4 AA batteries, use at home or On-The-Go
  • Comes with wide-necked bottle with standard bottle converter
  • Comes with a lanyard and hook design, ease of carrying around
  • FDA-Approved/BPA-Free
  • Starter Kit, comes with all necessary pumping accessories